Living Spaces: Genevieve (Not complete)

Director: Elif Gülen

Cinematographer: Elif Gülen

Duration: 30’

Language: English

Subtitle: English

Production Date: 2013

Shooting Format: HDV

An ongoing documentary about people and their living spaces. People that have lived most of their lives in one place and their relationship with their house. Special transformation, memory and places, memory and objects, oral history are the main keywords for this documentary project. 

Video Documentary 

Bereket Apartment

Director: Elif Suyabatmaz

Cinematographer: Simin Sinkil, Refik Anadol, İsmet Kısaoğlu, Akın Baygın.

Editing: Özkan Yılmaz, Hande Sakarya

Duration: 30’

Language: Turkish

Subtitle: English

Production Date: 2011

Shooting Format: HDV

Bereket Apartment is a 100 year old building in the Beyoğlu Galata distirct of Istanbul. Esin and Nevin, sisters who have lived in Bereket Apartment for 62 years, are selling the building. Their story focuses on

the spatial transformation of the neighborhood that is reflected in their narration of their family history and several key personal life encounters with the myriad of lodgers who have passed trough their building over the years.Today, five years later, the building has been renovated. Bereket Apartment now has new owners and a new name: IPera 12.

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